Day 1 – Alta Via 1 Walk

DSC_0001_8First day walking and everything was as promised.

The weather was stunning! Clear blue skies and temperatures in the high 20’s. The scenery was breathtaking. We are amongst the high shaly crags that create such a bold skyline in this part of the world. And while Rod would prefer the green mountain pastures of a little lower down, nothing speaks to me more of the Alps than the grey rugged peaks and scree slopes. Which is why I’m so very grateful that Rod agrees to head up here with me.
And lastly the predicted steep climbs were every bit as exhausting as we’d thought they might be. Although today’s walk was only 9 kms, 3 if these were either flat or down hill so the predicted 950m height gain was achieved in just 6kms – you do the maths. Needless to say it was a rude awakening as a starting day for this walk. All things considered though, I was pretty happy how I went and it has left me feeling hopeful that I’ll be able to manage the rest of the walk. And for those of you who have followed our previous walks, I’m happy to say I have not been visited by the dreaded heel blister monster thanks to the miracle blister guard my podiatrist put me onto.
I’ve taken heaps of photos as every corner revealed a new picture perfect vista but I’ll try to attach just a few of the best and hope that the majesty of these scenes can shine through.