Day 15 – Offa’s Dyke Walk

What a magical day to finish our walk on.  Beautiful sunny and practically clear skies.

The walk today started with an immediate very steep climb back up to the tops of the Clywdian range.  So we could see our destination pretty much all day.  It looked so close but took us about 5 hours of walking to reach.

As usual I had mixed feelings as we walked the last day.  It is great to complete something you’ve started but I love being out in the hills and the end meant the end of another adventure.

Prestatyn is a relatively new seaside town so not much to talk about but we made our way down to the sea as is the tradition (although we didn’t walk down the beach into the water as you are supposed to do). We had a celebratory beer that afternoon and a lovely dinner to celebrate that night.

Today we catch a train down to London to go to the theatre tonight with our lovely friends Kiko and Mie.

Rod still has his outing to Lord’s to watch the third day of the second test to look forward to and then it is homeward bound for us.

It has been a fantastic trip!