Day 9 – Offa’s Dyke Walk

The task today was to find some alternative footware,  Our second day off the track but with a mission in mind.

It’s a beautiful sunny and warm day. We caught a train in Welshpool heading for Shrewsbury where there are a few outdoor shops.

I was mainly concentrating on getting some goop to soften up my boots, thinking that it would be unlikely to find some boots I was happy with.  However, first store we went into I tried on a pair of Teva sandals which left my toes free and the back strap passed above my heel blisters – Mission Accomplished.

As a bonus, Strewsbury was a really interesting and old town – lots of Tudor buildings and the place where Darwin went to school.

A leisurely trip back on the train and we were back in time for a spectacular dinner by our hosts in the manor house.  By the way, I didn’t quite give up on my boots.  I found some leather conditioner and gave them a big treatment.  My friend Letitia has written to say she thinks I have my boots up on a pedestal they don’t deserve.  Rod wanted me to through them in the bin as soon as we bought the sandals and was PO’d that I bought the leather goop.  I think everyone is ganging up on me and my boots!  I guess I might have to let them go after this experience but it will be a trauma.