Day 1 – Lands End to John O’Groat’s

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Morning tea break at 1.30pm?

Morning tea break at 1.30pm?

Sorry to start off this way but just a short round up of yesterday as I’ve run out of time before setting off in day 2.

The rest of the group were lovely too. A couple more English girls.

The first day started off very slowly as we sorted out problems with bikes etc. We rode together out to Lands end and through Penzance as it is a big busy town. But after morning tea (which we had at 1pm) we finished the rest of the day at our own pace. We’ve got terrific Garmins with the whole map planned out so we are able to find our way without a guide. There were some steep climbs a couple of times but they were short so I didn’t have to get off. Rod just sat there behind me supporting me all the way.

I was pretty bushed by the end of the day – around 5pm, but we had a lovely meal down town and all was good.