Day 17

Wow how wonderful to not have the wind!!   Today’s ride had no where near the climbing but it was so wonderful without the wind! We travelled to Inverness today.  Quite a mild ride of only about 82km and only about 800m climbed.  Actually more downhill than uphill today.  We are in whiskey territory now but we haven’t had a taste as yet.  We crossed the magical Spey river today which is supposed to give the Scottish whiskey the edge coming through pure high pastures etc.  It was quite cold and wet (althought not actually raining) as we were up in the highland mists for most of the day until we dropped to sea level this afternoon to Inverness on the Moray Firth.  A lovely ride really although anything is better than yesterday.

Wow I can’t believe it, only three more days to go.  We head into some pretty remote territory from now on so I doubt we’ll have the coffee stop opportunities we’ve been having to date.