Off on a new adventure – The Haute Route

So much stuff!!!!

So much stuff!!!!

Only two more sleeps and I’ll be jetting off for a new adventure.

My friend Letitia and I will be tackling the highest walking (non technical) route in the the French/Swiss Alps -The Haute Route.  I knew I should be a bit afraid when the fellow we paid to book our mountain refuges and little auberges along the way asked if we were “really sure” we wanted to do this after we’d informed him of our previous walking experience.  To top it off I’ve had the dreaded lurgy for the last week and a half so my training regime has gone out the window.  Oh well, Letitia and I console ourselves with affirmations like – “just one step at a time”, and “we’ve got all day to get there”, etc.  It is just that we have to tackle altitude gains of 1000 to 1500 meters and back down again each day.  Phew!  it is not super high though. The passes are only about 3000m at the most.  And what beauty we will see.  I can’t wait.

I’m a bit sad my best mate Rod is not coming.  He is sacrificing himself to stay home and supervise the house building at Noosa – the gorgeous man.  Not that I would have tempted him anyway.  As much as he likes our walking trips, there was a riding trip through Spain on offer through the bike shop at the same time that he would have dearly loved to do.  He’ll have to wait for next year for a ride now as we’ll be riding the length of England (Lands End to John o’Groats) as a celebration of his “significant” birthday that is coming up next year.

Well I’m off to do some last minute shopping for my pack.  I’ll try to send through a least something of the trip when I can but I know I won’t be able to keep up Rod’s high standard of travel log.  Wish me luck!