Day 12

Wow we are pretty happy that this day is over.  Nearly 130kms and over 1500m of climbing.  But that would have been alright if it hadn’t been for the 29km/h headwind we had to deal with as well. I’m sooooo saddle sore I couldn’t sit straight at dinner!!  Even the Papaw Ointment isn’t coping. (Too much information??) We had light rain on and off during the day too but not too concerning.

Well we’ve now “done” England.  We crossed into Scotland today.  I can’t believe it seems to have come so quickly.

Rest day in Peebles now – our one and only rest day.  Just in time for their annual Beltane festival which I believe celebrates the mid summer.  We caught a wonderful procession of children on their dressed ponies on the high street not long after we arrived yesterday and tonight we’ll have the fancy dress parade which goes for 3 hours (they go around the town twice)

Back on the track tomorrow heading further north to Kinross. Rain forecast but at least the wind is supposed to have dropped to around 13km/h.

We are having a great time.